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Your patronage helps us continue our work to amplify the voice and needs of war-displaced Ukrainians in Canada. Pathfinders for Ukraine is an all-volunteer federally-registered non-profit was founded in March 2022 in response to the displacements triggered by the unlawful war against Ukraine.

The Pathfinders Research and Advocacy Team with Canadian Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Marc Miller (October 2023)

Your patronage will directly support our non-profit, all-volunteer, out-of-pocket efforts to research, develop recommendations, and amplify the voices of war-displaced Ukrainians:

  1. Publish our “A Path Forward” Report, the comprehensive 30+ page report on the situation, future, and recommendations representing over 1,200 families/3,600 CUAET holders in Canada and abroad;
  2. Launch a public awareness campaign for Cabinet, Members of Parliament, the Canadian public, and war-dosplaced Ukrainians of our lobbying efforts to build a PR pathway. This includes marketing, in-person consultations, and other activities;
  3. Building online and offline information tools/resources (you may have seen our first-of-its-kind jobs data-led city-selector app, translating 650+ NOC codes into Ukrainian for the first time), and we are exploring further development of tooling that support PR decision navigation and processing time tracking)

A common denominator of every Ukrainian we’ve encountered and supported is gratitude; on their behalf and ours, we appreciate your support!

The Pathfinders