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The Pathfinders for Ukraine was founded in response to the refugee triggered by the unlawful war against Ukraine. Our all-volunteer organization of humanitarians, lawyers, crisis response and military veterans are supporting work on-the-ground and network of partners span Ukraine, Poland, and Canada. 

Our firsthand experience made it clear that Ukrainians’ journey only begins once they’ve escaped the violence. Based upon frontline observation, networking with grassroots organizations, and providing direct support to Ukrainian refugees, we understood the key challenges, namely: the lack of information in making a migration decision, the lack of support in a confusing administrative visa process, and the disjointed patchwork of organizations supporting them from ‘Point A to Point B’. 

Your contribution will directly support our efforts to address those immediate needs:

  1. Building online and offline information tools/resources that will help inform their options of best places to resettle for a better life (±$15,000)
  2. Enable our on-the-ground presence with an office and mobile unit that can engage/guide refugees in visa application support, case management, and coordination with host teams (±$5,000 p/month)
  3. Support our volunteers to cover costs of living, in-country transport, and operating costs as we provide direct support to Ukrainians in Poland and Ukraine (±$20,000 p/month) 
  4. Special project funds which support safe infrastructure and transportation of humanitarian aid (medical supplies) and returns to the Polish/Ukrainian border (±$1,000 p/run) 

A common denominator of every Ukrainian we’ve encountered and supported is gratitude; on their behalf and ours, we appreciate your support!

The Pathfinders