Regina, Saskatchewan

Total Population: ~240,000

% of Ukrainian Population: 12% of Ukrainians out of total population (third highest concentration in Canada)

Climate: The climate in Regina is very continental. It has long, warm summers and frigid, dry, snowy, windy, cloudy winters. Regina is prone to extremes at all times of the year. Regina usually endures 201 days a year when the minimum temperature is at 0°C or below. 

Language: Predominantly English.

Known For: Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan and its second-largest city. It is located on Treaty 4 territory, and homeland of the Métis. Regina is rich in history and heritage and is one of Canada’s fastest growing major cities. Regina has a large football scene, and the Saskatchewan Roughriders are the home team. Regina’s Wascana Centre is a 930-hectare beautifully landscaped urban park built around Wascana Lake, which is larger than New York City’s Central Park.

The Saskatchewan Legislative Building, facing Wascana Lake.

Pros: Regina has one of the strongest provincial economies in Canada with a very low unemployment rate. Amongst the major Canadian cities, the cost of living and rent in Regina is very low. The city government pays special attention to public health services in Regina with three major public health care facilities. Education in Regina costs much less than other parts of Canada. The city is filled with parks, fields for athletes and sports professionals, playgrounds for children, spray pads, picnic sites, and ball diamonds. The City also has a beautiful natural landscape that is a hiker’s dream.

Cons: The crime rate is higher than average, and because of this more people are moving away from the city Centre to the suburbs. Regina is also prone to extreme weather. It has hot summers and extremely cold winters. Regina does not have a bustling nightlife. Although it has numerous restaurants and bars, most residents stay indoors once it gets dark.

Cost of Living: Family of four estimated monthly costs are $3,960.57 without rent. A single person estimated monthly costs are $1,129.20 without rent. Regina is 13.64% less expensive than Toronto (without rent). Rent in Regina is, on average, 53.17% lower than in Toronto. Learn more.

Average cost of rent (1 bdrm): $920.00 (2022)
Average cost of rent (3 bdrm): $1,625.00 (2022)

Public Transportation: The City prides itself on its efficient public transport system and advises residents to save money by using the system. The public transit in Regina costs less than $750 a year compared to owning a private vehicle. Furthermore, residents have the privilege of applying for transport subsidy through a Federal tax credit scheme for transit.

Arts & Culture: The City boasts of one of the strongest and longest traditions of Art and Culture in Canada. There are numerous art galleries and events residents of Regina can attend as recreation and entertainment activities. The City is home to the MacKenzie Art Gallery which organizes contemporary and historical art from all parts of Canada. The gallery also showcases the art and culture of the indigenous people of Saskatchewan who have been in the area for thousands of years. The City is also host to the Regina Symphony Orchestra which is the oldest performing orchestra in Canada. There is also the Conexus Arts Centre where local and visiting musicians perform from time to time.

Downtown farmer’s market in the summer


Who to contact to secure housing and migration support: 
Contact the Ukrainian Canadian Congress of Saskatchewan
Phone: 1.888.652.5850

Or contact Saskatchewan Association of Immigrant Settlement Integration Agencies (SAISA). SAISIA is an umbrella organization that can make connections with local service provider organizations (SPOs) and dedicated staff based on the need. Regina has SPOs which offer full spectrum of supports for newcomers:

Catholic Family Services Regina
Global Gathering Place, Saskatoon
Regina Immigrant Women Centre
Regina Open Door Society
Saskatchewan Intercultural Association
Saskatoon Open Door Society
Ukrainian Canadian Congress of Saskatchewan – Saskatoon
Ukrainian Canadian Congress of Saskatchewan – Regina

The Government of Saskatchewan can also be contacted by email ( or by phone:

  • Outside of North America: +1-306-787-0482
  • Within North America: 1-833-613-0485
  • International toll-free line for Hungary and Poland: 1-800-613-04855


  • You can browse the many jobs posted on Saskatchewan’s leading job site. Employment opportunities to support displaced Ukrainian workers are posted with #sksupportsukraine.
  • The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program is prioritizing applications received from Ukrainian applicants.
  • is connected to the National Job Bank, allowing employers to reach an even greater number of affected individuals. Many jobs are posted by employers here, some with a hashtag #sksupportsukraine. Employers have been flexible, especially in the Hospitality and Services sector. There are many jobs for people with skills in trades and manual labour.
  • If you are looking for employment supports, you can contact SaskJobs Career Services at:
    Toll-free Number: 1-833-613-0485
    Email address:


Airport: Regina International Airport (YQR)

First Touch-Point:
At the airport you will see a Ukrainian flag with a QR code and a 24-hour phone number to call for help accessing support: 1-833-613-0485
If you have a host, your host will meet you at the airport.

Or contact the Ukrainian Canadian Congress of Saskatchewan
Phone: 1.888.652.5850

First 1-2 Weeks

Temporary Accommodations:
If a host cannot be found in advance, contact the Ukrainian Canadian Congress of Saskatchewan
Phone: 1.888.652.5850

The Government of Saskatchewan can also be contacted by email ( or by phone:

  • Outside of North America: +1-306-787-0482
  • Within North America: 1-833-613-0485
  • International toll-free line for Hungary and Poland: 1-800-613-04855

Sim Card: Provided

Social Services:
SIN card, health card, bank account, doctor, school, childcare/daycare, community, language, transportation, etc.
Provided by the Government of Saskatchewan and/or the Ukrainian Canadian Congress.


Accommodations (longer term), Jobs, Childcare, Education, Language Support, etc.

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